Width 43 cm
Depth 38 cm
Weight 5 kg
Overall depth 45 cm
Overall width 47 cm
Seat height 49.5 cm


Base finish Beechwood 0078
Material Solid Wood
Upholstery Divina 3 106


Volume 0.29 m3
Year 2013


Gradisca was designed and brought to life for the exhibition dedicated to Maestro Werther Toffoloni, to celebrate his long and happy career.

Gradisca reflects traditional, down to earth production values, integrated with modern manufacturing techniques. Barstools of various heights and finishes now join the Gradisca��collection.

Werther Toffoloni

Lived in Udine, 1930 to 2017.
Studied in Venice. Taught industrial design and quickly started working in various design sectors and as an artistic consultant. He was quite prolific and undoubtedly a major player in Italian industrial design.
Creativity, a thorough knowledge of materials, and a great eye for functionality were the hallmarks of his corpus of work.

Belonging. A word selected to talk about a job of work, a path, a feeling, a sentiment, an armation. Right from within the factory, which bears witness to living values, as evidenced on a daily basis: Italianness, care, excellence of execution, crasmanship, design and remaining true to the local area.