London-based Dutch designer Nicolette De Waart has made her foray into the animal kingdom, producing a sculptural menagerie of creatures, hand-crafted from wool. The Dangerous Animals cushions features 2-D silhouetted adult animals each accompanied by its cub, and hints at both the creatures’ aggressive and tender sides. Says Nicolette, "I've always taken inspiration from the natural world, and I liked the idea of wrong-footing the viewer with these creatures - at first glance, they seem almost menacing, but the presence of their young reveals their protective instincts, too. Wool felt is tactile, malleable and workaday, so it seemed the ideal material for me to work with - and I hope viewers will respond to the graphic simplicity of the end result."

The Dangerous Animals range features a gorilla, hippo and elephant, each produced in a subtle colour palette of grey, black or white.

The adult gorilla measures approximately 60cm x 100 cm, with their young measuring 35x60cm.

Designer Nicolette de Waart comes from the Netherlands, drawing inspiration from the countries where she has lived and visited, including Singapore and the UK, where she is based and her products are hand-made by craftsmen. Her previous furniture includes her metal bookshelves, Corian Solid Oak desk and daybed. Her Multi-Awarded Leaf Seats have been used in numerous projects for leading companies like GOOGLE Head office in Dublin, Accor Hotel group and MR Architecture in New York and the pouf is featured in Missoni showroom London and she recently launched her Poppy Bloom Stools and Outdoor Leaf Seats.