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A system of stackable seats for domestic or group use. It is especially conceived to resolve the most diverse usage requirements, both in private and public spaces: offices, hostelry, auditoriums, schools, waiting rooms,… The intention is to find a global solution to the problem posed in a large variety of public spaces, and to cover the needs derived from a certain activity. It is equally important to precisely consider a broad range of combinations and possibilities bearing in mind the functional characteristics that each of the elements must fulfil as well as the required conditioners of maintenance and storage. Special consideration has been given to the impact to which they will be submitted through continuous and often undue use, so materials and constructive solutions have been chosen that give maximum durability. In the event of serious damage to the pieces, their replacement will not involve an excessive cost. High technology constructive processes have been used, so a considerable increase is achieved in the quality of the final product and the number of different finishes, with a more satisfactory interrelationship between all of the components, resulting in a very light product of very high quality, with very reasonable prices in all kinds of installation. In terms of shape, a product is proposed with a sharp characterisation as a result of its functional requirements; therefore, the seat and back are designed with the intention of welcoming the user in an exercise of balance between ergonomy, shape and constructive rationalisation, with soft forms that suggest comfort. Functionally, an installable flap has been achieved for either of the sides, which hides downward even in the case of connected rows of chairs and does not make stacking difficult.

ENEA began its activity in 1984, focusing on manufacturing and commercializing contemporary design furniture.