Glänta Maxi pendant by Blond Belysning
Blond Belysning

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H 200 mm D 1000 mm 3 x TR16 55W

Aluminium and Steel A sophisticated and elegant lighting fixture in painted sheet metal with a décor of a foliage and diffuser in acrylic. Glänta has a harmonious and soft expression in the environment where it is applied and ccreates the feeling of being outside, without sacrificing the quality of light. Glänta is available with direct or direct – indirect light distribution. Available in three standard colours or optional, length of pendulum is optional. The Glänta family consists of pendants- and ceiling fixtures. Light sources, manufacturer of ballast and type of control (e.g. DALI) by request.

FAMILY OWNED COMPANY BLOND was created in Värnamo, Sweden, where all the production and manufacturing is still carried out.