Giuseppina by Bonaldo

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Giuseppina is a stable, stackable chair which is resistant to atmospheric agents. It is available with a glossy polycarbonate finish in transparent, smoked transparent, purple transparent or in glossy polyamide in plain black, plain white and plain red. transparent glossy polycarbonate smoked glossy polycarbonate purple glossy polycarbonate plain white glossy polyamide plain black glossy polyamide plain red glossy polyamide poliammide lucido rosso coprente

After the great critical and public success of Poly by Karim Rashid, Bonaldo presents a new chair, as resistant as Poly and suitable for outside use too, but realised through gas injection moulding. In creating Giuseppina, Bonaldo was inspired by the current trend in which reassuring, classic shapes are reinterpreted and modernised, thanks to contemporary materials, production techniques and formal details. Giuseppina is therefore a modern, ironic reinterpretation of the traditional kitchen chair, whose shape is used in this chair. It is transformed into something new and up to date through the types of material used and the six colours in which it is offered: white, black and red in polyamide; transparent, smoked and the new violet in the semi-transparent version in polycarbonate. Its mix of tradition and modernity brings Giuseppina out of the restrictive environment of the kitchen, from which it takes its inspiration, to adapt to others, for example terraces and gardens or contract use.

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