Material PMMA, marble, polycarbonate, steel and coated aluminium


Dimensions 40 × p 7,5 × h 40 cm
Dimmable no
Light source LED 10W 2700 K 850 lm* CRI>80


The magic of the lamp lies in its composition: an element in statuary marble placed at the centre of a transparent perspex disk. The two materials are joined by a single ring, enhanced by fine craftsmanship; and the whole, in turn, is attached to the wall by a small dowel. The two parts are free to move, as in the swaying rhythm of a pendant or an earring.

The transparency of acrylic contrasts with the opacity of marble: an encounter between a past of statues, friezes and grand works of architecture, and a present made of synthetic materials and inventions.
In Gioia the functional part of the lamp is separate from the decorative part.
The light comes from an LED wall source, which leaves the decorative element free to move.

Foscarini imagines, develops and produces decorative lamps: night and day, whether they’re on or off, they seduce, surprise and inspire.