Ghery by MANTRA

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GU10 3x50W - 220/240V 85 x 900 x 500-1500mm

GHERY, new collection with architecture style designed by Hugo Tejada. This time the concept is born from the study of contemporary architectural forms, structures that defy the gravity, daring and pretentious forms applied to a decorative object. GHERY is made of cement, material used as the lamp shade of the luminaire. Lamp holder Gu10 incorporated that powers LED or incandescent light. The effect light is magical, creates a directional effect of light that illuminates perfectly entire lower part. Designed for intimate spaces where differentiation of illuminated space to the shadow areas comes first. The collection consists of different applications, pendant lamp with one light point, other with three linear light point or wall lamp. GHERY is a versatile collection that integrates into any environment or installation, ideal for installation in a bar restaurant or as an accompaniment on a bedside table, cement sculpture illuminated that brings elegance and sophistication to the decorative space.

“… Feel the light” is a phrase which has decorated and accompanied our image since the founding of MANTRA.