Genois armchair by DVELAS

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DVELAS Genois armchair DVELAS Genois cheslon

In French, Génois is a large sail placed in the bow of the main mast, with the geometric application of a tetrahedron in the stitching of these sails, a back is provided, to what is no more than a simple bag filled with little expanded plastic balls, and obtaining this way, the shape of an armchair or a cheslong. There are four sizes of Génois bean bags: Génois, Génois Junior, Génois Mini (para sentarse) and Génois Cheslón (para tumbarse). All of them are avalaible in Limited Editions o Unique Editions: LIMITED EDITIONS A limited series of pieces is made from each sail. Each one of them is tagged with the available information about the sail. Its origin, the type, its manufacturer, the boat it belonged to and its base port. UNIQUE EDITIONS Some sails or parts of them have certain plastic qualities that make them very special. We call the pieces that have been exclusively selected to emphasise these unique characteristics exclusive edition.

DVELAS started as a creative reaction to reuse the huge quantity of material thrown away by the sailing industry.