Gatchmeh 3, Flatweaves Tribal, 204 x 293cm

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Gatchmeh 3, Flatweaves Tribal, 204 x 293cm Gatchmeh is a mixed technique flatweave that is a Zollanvari innovation. For these ‘flatwoven’ floorcoverings we have adapted the technique used by the nomadic tribes of southern Iran for weaving traditional khorjins (bags). Gatchmehs are testament to our commitment to a resource-efficient and sustainable production, a concept deep rooted in our company. We continually endeavour to revive old weaving techniques to encourage their diversity, to develop new weaving techniques and to preserve the rich Persian weaving heritage. Gatchmehs are available in customs sizes and colours.

Our tribal flatweaves or kilims (known as gelims in Farsi) are traditional colourful weavings with bold geometric and floral designs.  They are woven by Luri and Ghashgha’i nomads who interpret centuries’ old designs and motifs that have been handed down from generation to generation.  Gatchme is a mixed-technique flatweave that is a Zollanvari innovation.  For these we have adapted the technique used for weaving traditional khorjins (bags) and applied it a room size floor covering.  Finally, our popular Jajims are a collection of mixed-technique flatweaves that the nomadic tribes of the Zagros region of southern Iran produce exclusively for us.

Mission Statement Zollanvari carpets embody the spirit of Persian carpet design and weaving – an extraordinary art form that has been treasured across the world for more than 2,000 years.