Width 60 cm
Depth 31.5 cm
Height 72 cm
Weight 20 kg
Folding table depth 40 cm


Body finish Natural Oak
Large drawer colour Light Grey
Material MDF, Plywood
Small drawer colour Slate Grey


This wall desk secretary hangs on the wall and can be used as a shelf, a console or a secretary desk.

It combines a unique and discrete aesthetic.Mat lacquer on drawers, leather tongues. It is mounted with a cleat (supplied), 4 screws (supplied) and 4 plugs.

Florence Watine

From the detail of a piece of furniture to the lines of a building, its purpose is unique: the volume, its aesthetics and its use.

Architecture, Decoration, Design, Florence Watine does not fall into any category. Since 2001, she realizes villas for private individuals and is naturally oriented towards Design.

HARTÔ is a design brand which gives birth of talented designers' creations. Our role is to accompany the designers we work with in the creation process of the projects we have selected, and distribute these creations to you.