Fun by Bonaldo

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Fun is a modular side-by-side bookcase which can be wall-mounted or free-standing. Its apparently irregular layout of the storage space, in an alternation of blocks and voids, creates an original dynamic effect. Fun is lacquered matt black or white, and it is available in several sizes, in the Fun 2 and Fun 3 variants. Frame: lacquered mat black lacquered mat white

The Bonaldo collection is enhanced by bookshelves designed by Gino Carollo and available in three geometric solutions by the name of Cubic, Orbit and Fun. Cubic and Orbit have a square and round base respectively. Thanks to their original shape, as well as housing books and CDs, the two bookshelves are a fun decorative object that are suitable for even the smallest spaces. They can also be rotated, making it possible to use space to the full. Fun, the bookshelf with the most traditional shape, has an element of originality in the apparently irregular organisation of its spaces, which alternate empty and full wall spaces to create a fun, dynamic effect. Cubic, Orbit and Fun are available in varnished wood in different colours: traditional, versatile black and white and trendier cappuccino and gold.

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