This new series was inspired by the old furniture in Franciscan cloisters in the late Gothic and Renaissance periods, which have always been well-known for their simplicity and practical functionality. Similarly simple and without any frills is our new Franziskus series of two-door and three-door sideboards. The pièce de resistance of this spacious cabinet is its symmetrical front divided into four sections. H 134 cm, 114 cm, 38 cm

The unusual material composition of cool, smooth metal and warm wood with a lively wood-grain pattern creates a clear contraea. Especially eye-catching: the massive sides of the cupboards, reminiscent of heavy wooden planks, in contrast to the thin metal plates. The steel doors are attached to solid wood frames with a generous space left between the doors and the cupboard, making them appear to float in front of it. The doors and the shelves inside are made of hot-rolled industrial steel, which makes each cupboard an unmistakeable original. Colour differences and tiny irregularities such as streaks on the surface lie in the nature of this material and give it a unique appearance. The elegant colour play on the surfaces of the metal alternates between metallic grey to deep blue and transforms the front of the cupboard into a dramatic painting. The furniture of this series is available in natural, black-stain and lime washed oak.

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