Height 36 cm
Weight 19 kg
Table top diameter 75 cm


Base colour Black
Material Laminated tempered glass mirror, steel, epoxy paint
Table top colour Blue and violet watercolour


The large FRANCIS mirror-table is a true statement piece that combines the purely functional with flights of imagination, bringing wonder into the mundane.

Designer Constance Guisset hand painted an entire new range of water colours for the creation of the new range of Francis mirror-coffee tables. Designs were then digitally altered to obtain the desired effect of multiple, semi-transparent, tinted layers; the very effect that gives the FRANCIS mirror-tables their poetic flair.
The watercolours printed onto the mirror are protected by layers of laminated glass. This technique ensures that each, uniquely designed mirror-table is of the highest level of durability.
The mirror is then mounted and set onto a metal stand, with guaranteed¬†stability.

A French design manufacturer established in 2009, Petite Friture aims to produce objects that create a spark, designed by emerging talents.