Francis | 1450 by Draenert

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MATERIALS Table top round: Natural stone Stonewood from Brazil, matt ground Legs: American walnut, clear lacquered

FRANCIS is a talent in combining two very authentic natural materials: stone and wood. Due to the unique material character the table top of natural stone is a solitaire. The legs in trapezoidal shape give the table that certain something and moreover provide a good stability. The connection of the wooden legs to the table top is the result of a sophisticated construction. From a straight shape at the legs, the edge of the table top tapers towards the centre between the legs to a curved Italian edge and provides a light and graceful impression. All natural stone types are applicable. Legs natural solid oak in various colour shades. Dimensions: Boat shape: 105 x 200 cm, height 74 cm 105 x 240 cm, height 74 cm 105 x 260 cm, height 74 cm 105 x 280 cm, height 74 cm Round: Ø 110 cm, height 74 cm Ø 130 cm, height 74 cm Ø 150 cm, height 74 cm (photo)

DRAENERT is a top-brand of the international furniture design for forty five years.