Frame Dining Chair
Established & Sons

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This tough lightweight chair is blessed with good proportions and seating comfort.

A complex study in angles the straight lines of the wooden laths are adeptly balanced with the subtly curved seating and support surfaces. The Frame chair is full of cleverly engineered, reasoned character and achieves a unique formality that is rare within the competitive, overcrowded realms of chair design.

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Woulter Scheublin

Wouter Scheublin is a young designer from the Netherlands. After studying Industrial Design at both the Technical University of Delft and the Design Academy Eindhoven, he established his own design studio in 2005. Scheublin’s work varies from autonomous to highly functional design. This diversity comes together in a fascination for construction and mechanics, resulting, for instance, in a walking furniture series that addresses our relation and affection with the language of mechanics. Since the launch of his design studio, Wouter Scheublin has been working on self-initiated projects as well as the development of independent, prestigious projects with various collaborating

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