Width 38 cm
Depth 38 cm
Height 55.50 cm


Colour Lacquered Natural Steel
Material Lacquered Steel


The asymmetric shape of our Fractal Side Table creates a seductive silhouette that changes constantly as you walk around it.

Dynamic profile

The table's precisely calculated angles result in a dynamic outline that shifts depending on your viewpoint. The expressive form appears to lean over towards your sofa or bedside, offering a helpful surface close at hand. The high-quality finish is durable and smooth to the touch.

Precise manufacturing

Our tables are strong and built to last. They're made from solid welded steel and their stability comes from the weight of this material, together with the triangulated structure.

We have them manufactured in small batches in Poland, using a state-of-the-art computer-controlled bending machine that ensures the precise angles exactly match our computer-modelled designs.

We either coat them in smooth stove enamel - where a paint finish is bonded to the metal with heat to create an incredibly tough surface - or spray on a clear lacquer that shows off the natural metal surface while protecting it from oxidation.

Exploring asymmetry

Asymmetry can bring an interesting visual discord. Like much of our range, this product was the result of us playing around with a simple idea: how far can you distort something before it looks wrong?

We also liked the logic of creating one component that can be repeated, but made to look different just by turning it. So the three legs are actually all the same - meaning it's easy to make - but because they're mounted different ways up, the frame appears to be quite complex.

The legs have only four different bends, so it's quite a straightforward process from a manufacturing point of view, but it looks deceptively chaotic and the table seems to lean to one side or the other when you walk around it.—Graham Tulett, designer and founder of Niche London

Niche London was founded by Graham and his partner Shan to design and produce their own brand of distinctive furniture.