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345 / 150 / 80 mm | ID 6250 445 / 150 / 80 mm | ID 6251 545 / 150 / 80 mm | ID 6252 640 / 150 / 80 mm | ID 6253 940 / 150 / 80 mm | ID 6254

A series of fluorescent wall lights with a double glass shade: A flat, acid-etched satin opal glass combined with a flat, polished black glass, joined together using an industrial adhesive system. The side covers are made by aluminium injection moulding and have a gloss chrome finish. The base is made of galvanised steel and has been designed to facilitate the inclusion of electrical components. This model is available in five lengths: The three first shorter lengths feature fluorescent 2G11 lamps of 18, 24 and 36 watts respectively, while the two longer lengths use two T5 lamps of 24 and 39 watts with a G5 lamp holder. The square version, which may either be used as a wall light or as a ceiling light, uses a 22 W circular lamp with a 2Gx13 lamp holder.

Since 1960 MILAN Iluminaci—n have been committed to the distinctive Design of its products, to maintaining standards of Quality in each and every one of the components used in manufacturing our lamps, and to providing our clients with a conscientious Service.