Fornell ABF1 Pendant Light

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Drawing his inspiration from the world of art and fashion, Andreas Bozarth Fornell creates simple, streamlined designs you would enjoy sharing a space with.

Initially trained as a cabinetmaker, Fornell apprenticed with an architect when fate stepped in. He landed a juicy job as the in-house architect for the Swedish fashion brand Acne, designing the interiors for their riveting retail shops in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Melbourne. Where he merged different materials with inherent colour qualities to create amazing spaces imbued with atmosphere. “Art is my inspiration,” says Fornell. “With art comes freedom from functionality. At the same time, I’m attracted to functionality. Not design for the sake of design. But objects you can really use in a design you would enjoy looking at – and having in your life.”

Andreas Bozarth Fornell

Andreas Bozarth Fornell is a Stockholm-based architect with a background in designing interiors for a number of fashion brands including Acne Studios. Fornell is enthralled with the idea of art and ambiance, and is keen on experimenting with the innate properties of materials to create concepts that are relevant and riveting.

Fornell ABF1 for &Tradition pushed the creative envelope in a simple, streamlined lamp that does more than illuminate, by venturing into the art of atmosphere.

Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential.