folio M-3245 by Estiluz

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LED 13W ( 2700ºK , Ang. 120º) 230V . Typ.* 940 lumens (included)

FOLIO, A DESKTOP COLLABORATIVE DESIGN Do you remember we talked about Pablo Figuera? He Participated in the design of the original sofa-bed-playhouse Orwell and also in the design desktop lamp Folio, some of the latest news from Estiluz . Simple and discreet while elegant. This is what Folio is. Actually, its structure consists of a single piece of anodized aluminum folded to give a simple and functional shape to illuminate interior designs more selectively. Pablo Figuera has been responsible for the collaboration of the companies Boo in Barcelona and Estiluz, who have joined forces for the co-production of Folio. This combines their expertise in manufacturing and anodized aluminum finishing from Boo in Barcelona and the contribution of more than forty years of experience of Estiluz dedicated to decorative lighting design. Folio is a special lamp for very personal spaces. For the reason on top of a desk we can find many things. Such as papers, books, bills, computers, pencils ... but we cannot conceive this without a corresponding desktop lamp. Generally , we choose a design which is according to the environment, but also a design that pleases us, listen to us ... Because , how often do we think aloud while we are working at a desk ? How many thoughts pass through our head? How many ideas come? Our lamp, is always faithful, and is a witness to everything. Table objects change, but the desktop lamp always remains, illuminating, giving warmth, but also support and companionship. In fact, many people have their desk lamp for a long time, resisting household changes, work, decorative style and even minor accidents. Why? The reason is that actually the desktop lamp illuminates our living very closely and many hours. And you, Are you affectionate to your lamp?

Estiluz and the green planet. Over forty years have gone by.