Width 70 cm
Depth 73 cm
Height 87 cm


Colour Steelcut Trio 2 105
Material Steelcut Trio 2 Fabric
Secondary colour Black
Secondary material Powder Coated Steel


Cees Braakman designed the lounge chair in 1958, together with A. Dekker.

As was the case in the 1950s, the chair will be available in two editions: the FM06 and FM05 (i.e. with and without armrests). With its minimalistic design, the wire lounge chair complements an extensive range of interiors in terms of style and size thanks to its dimensions and visual appearance. Its well-thought out wire design gives the lounge chair a light and airy look; it is simultaneously modern and timeless. The basic model of the chair has an upholstered seat, while the back cushion is optional. The chair will be available in black and white steel wire and the wooden armrests on the FM06 are crafted from high-quality walnut or oak.

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