Fly-too, Dimmable with wall control, Ultramat Black/Aged White

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“Thinking about flexibility and adaptability, how they are a fundamental part of our life and how we usually overlook them completely, taking them for granted, one morning I thought about designing a lamp that would float in the air, changing the direction of the light beam. In the end, that’s what we all do: we spend our lives looking for the right direction. So this is a lamp that represents us as human beings, floating, turning, swaying, seeking its center to then enlighten us, giving us light that is also the result of an accurate technological research.”

Consuline An ultraflat luminous disk, adjustable by 360° in space, to be placed in infinite positions. Fly-too is an LED wall lamp with an innovative optical system that generates perfect bi-directional floodlighting. The sources are positioned in the extruded anodized aluminium of the outer ring. They project their light inside a very sophisticated optical element specially developed by Luceplan. The methacrylate lens, featuring a lenticular system with recovery of marginal light flow, is organized in two joined disks. The internal face has a Fresnel lens that amplifies light intensity, while the outer surface has a microsphere texture capable of increasing the bi-directional “flooding” of the light. The joint connects the body of the lamp to the vertical element containing the technical components.

Formed in 1978, Luceplan cements the idea of three architects, Riccardo Sarfatti, Paolo Rizzatto and Sandra Severi who wished to consolidate the experience developed during their long-standing collaboration with Gino Sarfatti, founder of Arteluce.