Fly SC10 Armchair

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    The Fly Lounge Series was created with the ultimate comfort in mind.

    The lovely loose cushions that comprise the back can be arranged and rearranged to suit your personal preferences. The design alludes to a Nordic aesthetic, such as the slatted back, the handcrafted solid oak frame and the organic shaped elements. “We like the idea that comfort comes first,” says &tradition Brand Manager Martin Kornbek Hansen. “With the Fly Chair Small, it’s a modern design that encompasses classic woodworking techniques drawing on the beauty of natural materials destined to age gracefully over time. The epitome of tradition fused with innovation.”

    Space Copenhagen

    Graduates from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, their scope of projects extends from furniture, design objects and art installa- tions to interiors.With a roster of clients like Georg Jensen, By Malene Birger, the Louisiana Museum of Modern art and five-star Hotel D’Angleterre. Not to mention Michelin star Restaurant NOMA, voted the Best Restaurant in the World.
    Together they strive to create an elegant, intimate atmosphere, drawing on
    a mix of materials and subdued tones. Using organic materials such as wood, stone, leather and brass, which age gracefully over time.
    The FLY Lounge Series is all about lounging. It lets you sit, lie down, rest and relax anyway you choose. Instead of imposing a certain posture, the loose cushions are there for you to freely arrange or re-arrange. Select either of the two sofas or the pouf, and you’ll experience cosy with a capital C. Space Cop- enhagen’s brilliant balance of soft and sturdy, as well as their attention to the universal need for comfort makes this a modern series with a classic appeal –
    a key criteria at &tradition.
    Products for&tradition: FLY lounge series and Copenhagen Pendant.

    Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential.