Width 65 cm
Depth 53 cm
Height 78 cm


Finish Dark grey
Material Lacquered solid ash, lacquered steel


A plant stand which is as much an item of furniture as it is a mere utility.

Sara Szyber’s Flower Pot Stand has now been updated with a new construction, with wooden ribs of ash and a deeper bottom step that provides space for larger pots. The stand helps plants to reach the light and enables one to arrange them on different levels to create an impression of indoor terrace cultivation. The stand makes a perfect framework in which to create a larger still life.

Sara Szyber

Sara Szyber is n interior designer working with product and furniture design, interiors and exhibitions. She has been a board member of Svensk Form since 2014.

Swedish furniture brand Design House Stockholm uses soft tones and playful shapes that result in a light-hearted collection with a sense humour.