The iconic seating collection Flow is completed with an original innovative environment-friendly version: FLOW ECO chair.

Coupling Device Finish
Matt White
Rami Col 6810
Beech Shell & Oil-Stained Natural Oak Frame
Frame Material
Solid Oak
Seat Height
Shell Material
Patented Technopolymer
Year of Design

The use of a new technopolymer material made up of miscellaneous wood fibres combined with original impressive aesthetics and special tactile experience call new attention to the environment and present an innovative version for the iconic Flow collection. The new finishes of the shells are made of non-fossil raw materials that are, especially, renewable: beechwood fibre for its light version and coconut fibre for its dark version. The use of raw material obtained from renewable sources is further underscored by the dark shade because it is obtained with organic material directly taken from the fruit of the plant and not from the plant’s structure, which can, therefore, continue its natural life cycle. The environment-friendly nature of FLOW ECO chair is confirmed by the use of fabrics containing wool and nettle for the small pads, and of oak treated with oil and water for the natural oak and brown finish of the base.

MDF Italia is a Milan-based design company manufacturing furniture, which was fully acquired in 2013 by the holding group of the Cassina family, a long-standing leader in Italian design.