Material:  Melamin white, with 3mm solid beech edge bands, Boxes: Solid beech wood, Multiplex with HPL Dimensions:: W 89,6 x H 90 x D 37,2cm

This modular system can easily be built anywhere depending on the reservoir space available with you. The cabinets can be customized in width and functions depending on the space left that can be later covered with a cover plate. This system is offered with a staircase, a space to hold the sink tray and two separate cabinets that can be equipped with stacking crates to create storage space. The installations can be customized with different room situation. For example, a narrower sink tray can be built in case the available space is small. All cabinet elements are equipped with height-adjustable plastic feet, which can be adjusted to ensure that the body does not get wet. Further, a detachable panel is fitted in front.

De Breuyn – Children’s Furniture Systems The German, family-owned De Breuyn has developed meticulously designed children’s furniture since 1986.