Weight 0.9 - 6.6 kg
Diameter 200 cm


Finish White Textured
Front and back housing material Die Casted Aluminium
Light engine material Die Casted Aluminum and Injection Molded Acrylic


Electric shock protection I w. ground
Ingress protection IP65
Light source LED 2700K
Lighting control Phase Dimming
Mounting Installation cable 3x1.5mm2. Looping not possible - Integrated driver.
Note LED Replacement Kit Available


The fixture emits an asymmetrical non glary, downward directed light distribution.

Softly illuminating its cut-out shape while providing an efficient horisontal illumination on the ground or floor. Perfectly fit for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

Christian Flindt

Christian Flindt (1972-) graduated with an MAA and MDD from Aarhus School of Architecture in 2002. He then started his own design company in 2003. Here, he placed high emphasis on communication between people, and his focus on this area finds expression in his approach to re-evaluating furniture. He wants his furniture to inspire people to make new connections. Christian Flindt’s fresh and daring designs in conventional constructions prove that he is a designer with the courage to experiment. He develops innovative furniture and through his work with LED design, for example, he succeeds in blending disparate fields such as lighting and furniture design.

Louis Poulsen is a Danish lighting manufacturer born out of the Scandinavian design tradition.