FlatBoxLED fbl-21 by Mawa Design
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fbl ‒ folding bending light ‒ Mawa’s new Surface-mounted Spotlight. Folding Bending Light with no visible connections. Normally, air would be let in or out of a housing to ensure cooling for LED’s; In FlatBoxLED, the cooling surface is maximized through the force-locked connection of the heat sink with the exterior housing, making cooling fins unnecessary. Milled and folded from a single piece, the rectanglular block organizes the LED’s in a linar fashion, such that the light output is rotationally symmetric. This folding technique is a patented, technical mawa innovation. With a CRI 95, 17W, and a very fine color binning Z7, the 3000 K (standard) lamp achieves 1400 lm, 2700 K / 4000 K, CRI 95 on request. Beam angle spot 12°, medium 30° or flood 45°. Series DEKRA tested. Beam angles: The fbl is equipped as standard with a medium 30° reflector; alternative angle are spot 12°, medium 30°, flood 45°. Dimming options: switchable, dimmable 1–10V, Dali dimmable, trailing and leading edge dimmable, Push Transformers/Converters: including LED converter Lamp: including LED lamp, 1400 lm, 17 W, 3000 K / CRI 90 (standard), on request 2700 K / 3000 K / 4000 K, CRI 95, 880 lm, EEI = A+ Color: powder-coated RAL 9016 white matt powder-coated RAL 9005 black matt other colores on request Dimensions: 163 x 100 mm

DesignManufaktur | made in Brandenburg MawaDesign was founded by Martin Wallroth in 1978.