Flat3 table by OXIT design
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new OXIT design Flat3 table new OXIT design Flat3 table

Here is one of our fun products. High quality yet simple in constructive idea, it needs most exactness to make 3 parts jointly fit in stability without screws or glue. As every powdercoating and finish leaves different surface growth in macrometer, we need to construct even more exact than ever, as the aluminum powdercoated or gold/copper anodized tableplate has 4 lasercuttings to mount to the woodbase with a little pressure, to make it stay. Yet you can stow away in 2 pieces again, if the visitors have left and you want more space. Easy and economic packaging and transport flat, with 3 parts. Aluminum plate on oak plywood varnished oak A/A quality base with 2 parts. In black, pearlgrey metallic - and a bit more luxouriuos anodized in precious metal matte for the special look. Top and base can also be laquered or even inox-anodized in brilliant colors and metal body if you like it exclusive. Makes perfect ensem- bles and small landscapes. At home, in waiting areas and lounge.

oxit is a new studio for productdevelopment and design founded in 2013.