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The FLAT Collection is made up of various pieces that can be used to form exterior lounge areas, but are also adequate for interior ones, thanks to their neutral shapes that are still full of identity. One of the characteristics of this set is that it looks light, because it rests on the floor on beautifully formed aluminum legs which give the object an appereance of virtually floating. Another distinctive charcteristic is the side table joined to the main unit, which at the same time is an armrest and a surface to lean on. It’s build allows for making different combinations of pieces, to adapt them freely to any architectural space. With the corner unit it is easy to fit into angular spaces.

Jorge Pensi

Born in Buenos Aires in 1946, he studied architecture in his home city. He left Argentina in 1975, dreaming of new horizons and challenges. After crossing the ocean, he settled in Barcelona and became a Spanish citizen . I n 1977, he went into partnership with Alberto Lievore. They worked together until 1984. He then set up his own studio in Barcelona ‘ s Gothic quarter. Pensi believes that part of his professional success is due to the intimate, close and warm relationship he has with his team and his clients, allowing shared project development with optimum results. Jorge Pensi has given conferences, seminars and workshops all over the world. Jorge Pensi has been awarded numerous prizes and has received widespread recognition throughout his career, including the Spanish National Design Prize in 1997, awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Energy for outstanding professional achievement. H e has recently become known for his other passion, music, which he had kept to himself until recently. H e has released two albums as a composer and singer.

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