Flamingo Floor Lamp
BD Barcelona

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What distinguishes the Flamingo from any other lamp is its use.

Its unusual height, the quality of its light, the neutrality and apparent fragility of its variable and removable structure, the mobility of its very fine fins, allows us unsuspected uses.

Álvaro Siza Vieira

Álvaro Joaquim Melo Siza Vieira was born in Matosinhos (near Porto), in 1933. From 1949-55 he studied at the School of Architecture, University of Porto. From 1955-58 he was collaborator of Arch. Fernando Távora. He taught at the School of Architecture (ESBAP) from l966-69 and was appointed Professor of "Construction" in 1976. He has been a Visiting Professor at the Ecole Polythéchnique of Lausanne, the University of Pennsylvania, Los Andes University of Bogotá and the Graduate School of Design of Harvard University; From 1949-55 he studied at the School of Architecture, University of Porto. He works in Porto city.
He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Science, "Honorary Fellow" of the Royal Institute of British Architects, AIA/American Institute of Architects, Académie d'Architecture de France and European Academy of Sciences and Arts.
Doctor "Honoris Causa" by University of Valencia (1992), by École Polithécnique Federal de Lausanne (1993), by the Palermo University (1995), by Menendez Pelayo University, in Santander (1995), by the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería de Lima, Peru (1995), by the University of Coimbra (1997) and by the Universidade Lusíada (1999), by Paraíba Federal University (2000), Federico II University, Naples (2004); University of Architecture and Urbanism of Bucarest “Ion Mincu”, Romenia (2005); University of Engeneering in Pavia, Italy (2007).

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