Eye Sofa by Hookl und Stool
Hookl und Stool

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Width 144cm, Length 88cm, Height 99cm

Main characteristic of this collection lies in its emphasized spherical side of each piece in the collection, which is made from solid wood, additional graced with widened parts in the back or seat. These parts are made from knotted segments of tree trunk, where rings have spiral form and resemble human eye, hence the name of the whole collection. Also, ‘eye’ gives exceptional ergonomics to each piece, as the upholstered part follows their shape. Additional esthetics and 3D effect can be seen in slightly conical legs which form a conical shape. Asymmetrical, hand-made wooden buttons with emphasized thread in different colour, make a tasteful detail on the buttons.

HOOKL und STOOL is a new manufacturer and editor of contemporary design furniture and objects.