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Supergrau Experiment Supergrau Experiment Supergrau Experiment

A dining table in three different material combinations. The supporting trestle of the table consists of a frame and two tripods, which can be mounted in various positions. The tabletops can either rest on the trestle or be screwed to it. Colour: oak, white / red orange, ruby red / black, black Material: coated stainless steel, oiled oak grain wood / PE 300 / polished marble* Design: emotional, vivid, timeless Dimension: 2040-2045 x 850-900 x 740mm *All used oak beams come from old barns and half-timbered houses. Every tabletop is manufactured by hand in several days of work. The plastic PE 300 (polyethylene) is physiologically harmless and finds its use in the chemical and food industries. The material is solid-coloured and has a warm haptic. Red travertine captivates through its unique shading and unveils a piece of primeval history.

SUPERGRAUĀ® believes in sustainability, which rises from the conscious decision for or against consumption.