Evoque 797b by Quinti Sedute
Quinti Sedute

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Quinti Sedute Evoque 797b Quinti Sedute Evoque 797ab Quinti Sedute Evoque 797b Quinti Sedute Evoque 797b

Evoque represents the new advanced operative chair of Quinti, characterized by an high technique that combines comfort and simple design. Appealing and modern design, the employed components that guarantees an aesthetical research in the design and technical contents, make it unique in the world of office chairs. The advanced mechanism allows a complete adjustment of the seat ensuring a good functionality for a demanding target and that pay attention to its working position. Nowadays in developing a new product, we have to pay attention not only on its quality but even to the operator’s health as well protection of our habitat and the environment. This is the new Quinti’s philosophy introduced by Evoque chair and that represents a new lifestyle. The attention in using eco-friendly materials and the assembling of the components without using any screws, raise the project of Evoque chair to a new business dynamics. Research and rispect for the environment, for functional and intelligent products. Advanced operative chair with only one height backrest and upholstered with the new KR mesh available in 3 different colors black/grey/sky blue. This net assures a total elasticity, it is morevover breathable, comfortable and indestructible. The new system of application guarantees resistance, stability and reduced thickness. The seat is made of cold injected foam with memory system and completely removable thanks to the help of very quick hooks and equipped with seat slide. The new and patented rapid system allows the assembling of the Synchron mechanic to the seat and backrest without using screws. The M1 synchron self mechanism is patented and has 4 different positions, angle inclination backrest 20°, seat inclination 6,5°. The seat is equipped with the new soft lift column gas system with cushion brake and self-cleaning cylinder. Evoque is available with fixed or adjustable armrest also with the new 4D version.

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