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The Even with the leaf doors seems so classic and conventional, that it can be considered as unreal. The doors can be between two and six and can be distributed in an horizontal and vertical way. Besides the aluminum base is stable and at the same time original and joins together with the horizontal cut in metal, that in the vertical version crosses the entire structure of the sideboard giving it an original feature. Even offers also doors that slide smartly one above the other, in a coplanar way. The sweet and noiseless slow down closing system is the main characteristic of this sideboard. The huge inside capacity is the same as the other horizontal Even sideboards, but with a different closing system, as well as the little burden of the external space, perfect characteristic of a piece of furniture, that has to be in a “busy” living room. The sideboard Even has, as well as the quality of all Former products, also a lot of functions, that becomes also versions of aspect that are hard to be found in other similar piece of furniture. The most comprehensible example is represented by its version with the flap door. In fact it has a huge extractable tray inside and it is surmounted by two drawers: these two elements give it originality. From one side there is an aesthetical pleasure, from the other it satisfies every practical need because everything is near-at-hand.

Former, Industria per l’Arredamento based in Cantù, was born in 1967.