Eve by Wittmann

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dining-room chairs without armrest

Dining-room chairs are expected to fulfil some basic requirements — they should be light, comfortable, and have removable covers for easy cleaning. Meeting the first two needs goes without saying given the skill and experience of Polka and Wittmann. The big question was the covers when designer duo Marie Rahm and Monica Singer began working on their new Eve range. They started out from the idea of slip covers, but were not prepared to accept the usual loose drapery that recalls an ill-fitting dress. Instead, they created a perfectly tailored costume with details borrowed from haute couture. This new apparel is most striking when viewed from the back — a vantage point that is often neglected although it is particularly important for chairs to look good from all sides in an open plan living-room. Each of the coverings – called Wrap, Point and Plain respectively – has different, beautifully picked out details. As they all come from the same family it is tempting to combine the three models, with their delicate stitching, and show the entire spectrum of designs. But sticking to a single type of cover makes an equally elegant effect. Eve is supplied either without armrests, or with short or full-length sides flush with the frame, and there is a choice of leather or fabric coverings.

Wittmann is a company steeped in tradition. The wealth of expertise it draws on has been handed down over the years from one generation to the next.