Ergo Sun by Officeline

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Ergo Sun was the first product that came as a result from the merger of Officeline and Höganäsmöbler. The combination of Sten Engdal’s classic design and the modern technology Officeline had to offer turned out to be very successful.’ Ergo Sun, due to its design, is the perfect chair to be used in conjunction with a sit-stand desk. It encourages active movement between sitting and standing. Equipped with the best freefloat mechanism, the chair offers the possibility to lock the back and seat independently of one another. The backrest can then be adjusted to the preferred height without the need for buttons or levers. The uniquely designed seat guarantees that you will be seated in a perfectly balanced posture and the ability to tilt the seat forward encourages the user to sit correctly.

With the core principals ergonomics, functionality and innovative design Officeline has since its inception worked towards better sitting.