Item no.: 5556/12/OO, Chandelier Available colors: gold Dimensions: HxØ = 51x50 in Weight: 23 kg; 51 lb

Enhanced by delicate crystal chains, Erfud – named for the Moroccan city on the edge of the desert – is a gentle chandelier with great light reflections. Supplied in a six-, eight-, twelve-, or eighteen-bulb option and in six different colors. Long chains of crystals and shaped pendants adorn a balanced, light chandelier in which gold plays its part in creating a small gem that is never excessive. The family comprises models with 6, 8, 12 and 18 lights.

The history of Barovier - a small company, a family, a great story since 1295 Everything took place on an island, an exotic, wondrous place like every island: Murano.