Shelf brackets directly inspired from Adonde's 3D shelf – they only kept the silhouette/outline of the shelf and put the two sides at different heights in order to slide a board through it.

The graphic lines of this shelving system highlight the airy structure that supports the shelf. All the elements of a regular shelf bracket are there, but they are physically reduced to a minimum to hold the necessary weight -- 15 Kg per pair.

6 colors availables: white, light yellow, green, light blue, Klein blue, blackWooden shelves not included — for use with shelves 26cm wide and 1.8-2cm thick.

Easy to fix on the wall :
• drill two holes on the wall. Make sure they are well aligned with each other (1 per shelf bracket)
• place the pegs
• fix the shelf brackets with a 5mm-diameter screw
• swing the shelf brackets slightly to be able to slide the board through them
• the weight of the board will place the shelf brackets vertically and adjust them against the wall
• as the board remains suspended by the brackets, there is a slight flexibility that will be less accentuated according to the weight put on the shelf.
• maximum weight recommended per pair of shelf brackets : 15 kg


¿adónde? means ¨where¨ in spanish which for us translates into a policy of complete openness. People know where and how our objects are made.