Elephant by Sancal

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Sancal Elephant Sancal Elephant

On the trail of a pachyderm… Elephant is a new addition to Sancal’s collection of accessories. Nadadora studio surprises us again with a fresh vision for small, yet essential, pieces. This time they have chosen time-enduring finishes like oak, copper, graphite, wool, linen and cotton. The design’s simple, geometric squares and rectangles have had their edges rounded to give a slightly more welcoming feel. The family of products comprises three poufs, one of 45x45 and another measuring 90x45 - which is also available with a wooden tray. Fun and versatile, they can fit into any setting: as a seat at the foot of a bed, a stool in a chic café or as small islands in a hotel reception. You decide! Nadadora Founded by Isaac Piñeiro and Cristina Alonso, now Pedro Ochando and Claudia Pérez have joined the Nadadora studio. Their work comes from exploiting the relationship between the different disciplines of design. They strive for conceptual simplicity by spontaneously designing projects with immediate appeal. Nadadora has collaborated with firms such as Sagen Ceramics, La Murrina, Ferrero Italia, Serralunga and Balvi. In 2009, a design conceived for Nutella received an award from Corolla. This was also selected for the exhibition SerieFuoriSerie by the Triennale Design Museum of Milan. After designing Chat and Tab for Sancal, this year they have surprised us, yet again, with the Elephant collection of poufs.

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