Eina Oficina with armrests

FUNCTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS EINA is a versatile chair by definition, which, with the same skill and precision, resolves the needs of domestic and group use. Its virtues particularly include high strength and easy adaptability, which turn it into a chair particularly recommended for hostelry, teaching, auditoriums and even stations and airports, where a continuous, sometimes undue, use is determining. Its apparent simplicity is the result of an elaborate design process that has minimised the number of components and managed to make them interrelate perfectly. The structure of the chair is perceived like a gesture, a continuous element of great beauty on which the two laminas constituting the seat and back lie delicately. Its shapes are proportionate and slightly undulating, following a careful study of the ergonomy of the whole chair. The resulting aesthetics is one of timeless beauty, indifferent to fashions and trends. EINA has the complements that allow its comfortable application in different situations, and also a large variety of finishes and colours that enable easy personalisation. It is a chair of very high quality for a reasonable price, an exemplary result that receives the name of the most prestigious school of design in Barcelona: EINA. The EINA program comprises a chair with arms and a chair without arms, to which it is possible to fix a writing flap (for EINA with arms). Joining element and transport trolley for stacking up to 9 chairs. In its extension, the program also defines the possibility of benches (2 to 5 seats) with optional tables and arms. The different finishes range from the seat and back in polypropylene in 8 colours (fireproof option V2), to a variety of upholsteries and wood. Both chair alternatives, with or without arms, have satisfactorily passed the Severe Public Test that measures their strength according to UNE 11020.92/2 (Europe) and BIFMA X.5.1 (USA). CERTIFICATES • Satisfactory results in the Structural Strength Tests according to UNE 11.010-89 Test level 5 (sever public). • UNE-EN ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Company Register certificate: 2000 Quality Management Systems.

ENEA began its activity in 1984, focusing on manufacturing and commercializing contemporary design furniture.