Eileen by Durlet

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Eileen is a new design by the hand of Frans Schrofer. The concept of this swivel armchair is essentially based on the design of a classic cocktail chair, with the added benefit that this chair will suit any contemporary interior. On the one hand, its curved shape is pleasing and inviting, while on the other hand, the chair is dynamic and offers depth thanks to the slanted backrest. The stitch lines on the exterior of the chair add a finishing touch, and while they may remind us of those big down jackets currently in fashion, they are also inspired by similar, timeless design classics that offer the same finish. Also, pay attention to the finish of the metal cross base that has been specifically designed for this chair, adding yet more detail through the tapered shape of the toes and the wide radius where the different cross base sections meet.

Belgian top quality Durlet is widely recognised as a benchmark for quality.