ED Barstool by Moree

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Height adjustable stool This barstool in a combination of steel and wood, provides a good service during breakfast, business talk or Blue Hour: Ed is the convenient and flexible short-term seating in a small space! In a timelessly elegant design and made of quality materials, the bar stool fits in private living-dining room and kitchens, bar, hotel, bistro, lounges and clubs as well as at events. The 360 degree rotating seat consists of two moulded wood panels, which allow two colors: Ed is available in white-white and white-anthracite, on request in desired colors aswell. The generously sized footrest makes for a comfortable grip. The seat height is adjustable via spring pressure, so that Ed can be easily combined with bar table and bar. Fitting visually to all Moree bar tables. Model: 13-02-01 Material/ colors: Steel, brushed, nickel plated/ wood, spray painted Colour: White / Anthracite Weight: 13 kg Dimensions: L 38 x W 35 x H max/ min: 81/ 55.5 cm Seat Height: max/ min: 77 – 51.5 cm (smooth height transition) Area of Application: For indoor use

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