ED | 1080 by Draenert

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Draenert ED | 1080 Draenert ED | 1080 Draenert ED | 1080

The side table ED meets the spirit of the times. It can be moved as easy as a chess figure — to any place it is actually needed. Placed as a group, they have the effect of a formation without the individual piece losing its individuality. The ceramic cones can be supplied in three sizes and three earth-like colours, which can be mixed perfectly. The matt glazing gives the surface a natural appearance. Fireclay is used for the ceramic cones and fired at a temperature of over 1.100 C° and is, therefore, robust and easy to clean. The ceramic base can be supplied in the colours cream, cigarro and mud and in three sizes. Table top from clear 8 mm thick glass Ceramic cone in the colours cream, cigarro, mud Ø 57 x 40 cm Ø 48 x 45 cm Ø 37 x 55 cm

DRAENERT is a top-brand of the international furniture design for forty five years.