A basic design. A simple, robust and studied ergonomic chair. Absence of straight shapes but with smooth curves and great comfort provided by the soybean oil-based foams. Contained measures allows Ecko to achieve a small space for: resting, reading or talking. To all that we need to add the sustainability for both materials and production processes composing the Ecko. In addition this added value will gradually become a manufacturing standard. MATERIALS 1. Solid wood frame covered with HR 35 kg/m3 soybean oil foam. Suspension made with NEA elastic webbing with 10 year guarantee. 2. Seat and backrest cushion made with HR 35 kg/m3 soybean oil foam integra- ted in the frame. All covered with a sewed foam but nit glued of foamed silicone fibre. 3. Legs made in solid beech wood or metallic swivel base epoxy lacquered.

Born through the desire of combining design and innovation, Beltá & Frajumar has quickly become an active player for the vanguard furniture field in national and international markets.