Eau de lumière Chandelier 4 Large Square by designheure

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Dimensions: Ceiling height : 4,5 à 6 m Dimensions totale : Ø 205 x H. 275 cm Dimensions Abj/Ls : L. 56 x l. 24 x H. 66 cm Textile cord : 1 x 2,8 m + 3 x 3,3 m Steel cable : 1 x 3 m + 3 x 2 m Metallic plate : L. 24 x l. 24 cm Electrical power supply : Ø 16 x H. 5 cm Electric: Tension (V): 220-240 V 50/60 Hz, 100-127 V 50/60 Hz * Light source LED: 3000K - IRC > 80 Power max: 4 X 18 W Materials: Fabric, aluminium, white Carrara marble or tinted grey oak, textile cord. Color: Grey / Orange – Black cord - Stained solid oak

Created by Italian designer Davide Oppizzi, lamps, sconces and chandeliers light symbolize the luxury perfume bottle playing on full volume and hairlines on which reflect light. Masculine and feminine forms, curves and angles coupled with choosen materials and colors offer a diverse collection with a strong personality. Available in three sizes, and three shapes, these LED lamps provide a pleasant light, backlighting the interior color. The metal structure enhanced with fabric, houses an integrated led system, enveloped by a refined lateral strip. This solid finish material is available either with real wood oak or white Carrara marble.

Established since 2005, Designheure is a publisher of 100% Made in France contemporary lighting. We design timeless and high end lighting solutions. Within the lighting industry, our brand embodies the essence of French elegance and luxury.