E1 by Peter Boy Design
Peter Boy Design

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Coffee table ellipse E1 is a fantastic simple and minimalistic coffee table. The black linoleum or the white high gloss lacquered table top gives this table character and comfort and an interesting contrast to the frame. Materials: Top: Black Linoleum , White high gloss lacquered, 12mm White or Black Compact laminate or Black stained ash Frame: Brushed Stainless Steel Table top: Linoleum black 191-04-05 White, high gloss lacquer 191-24-05 Compact laminate 12mm White 191-14-05 Linoleum adds the finishing touch on beautifully designed furniture that will stand out in design whilst also standing the test of time. Its unique visual and tactile properties ensure every object develops its own character while the combination of a matt surface and warm, soft texture makes it unlike any other surface material available. With an all natural composition, Linoleum is biologically degradable and does not harm the environment in any stage of its life. Our Compact Laminate is manufactured in Denmark. The compact laminate is a double-sided laminate that consist of more then 100 resin-impregnated layers of paper which are pressed together at high pressure and heat, so that they form a hard and homogenous sheet. Compact Laminate is 100% water resistant. Dimensions: Height: 40 cm Width: 65 cm Length: 150 cm Weight: 12 kg Shipping info: 160 cm x 70 x 45 cm

Peter Boy Design was established in 1992. In the beginning the company delivered products only to the Danish market.