E-Volved Salon by FueraDentro

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FueraDentro added a new piece to its latest furniture range, the e-volved collection. Designed by the German designer Timothy Schreiber, the new e-volved salon is a four-legged coffee table that branches together in a similar way as its predecessor: the e-volved dining table. Its painted aluminum, unbroken frame forms a solid base for a clear transparent or painted glass table top to rest on. The curves of this table blends in well with nature, but can also fit beautifully indoors.

The E-VOLVED interior and exterior collection is the very latest furniture range from FueraDentro. This has been elegantly created by the acclaimed german designer Timothy Schreiber. Timothy's designs are the outcome of the permanent ambition to explore and challenge the boundaries between digital design / manufacturing methods, socially / environmentally sustainable use and the critical analysis of aesthetics. Shaped through his architectural studies at Bauhaus University in Germany he describes his style as 'pop modernism'. Inspired by this pop modernism the E-VOLVED table is organic in its composition and is smooth to the touch. The tactile curves of the legs are unbroken and are created from hand-polished stainless steel. In 2007 Timothy Schreiber won a Red Dot Award for his design of the E-volved table. The graceful, fluid design mimics the organic forms of nature as the three table legs grow and branch together to form a solid and stable base for the table. Polished metal & glass (transparant) e-volved 140G h: 74cm, Ø140cm e-volved 150G h: 74cm, Ø150cm

FueraDentro is a Dutch furniture design house that creates contemporary outdoor furniture which is also suitable for indoor use.