Lampert E 10 rattan lounge chair Lampert E 10 rattan lounge chair

A milestone in the history of modern rattan furniture took place end of the forties. Through the activities the co-founder of the newly estabished German Council of Design, »Rat für Formgebung«: Egon Eiermann with his lounge Chair ›E10‹ Eiermann created a new typography for rattan furniture. The ›E10‹ was not inspired by an old, colonial style but by a modern way of thinking. By observing the craftsmanship of the weavers, the design developed through understanding the construction processes and capabilities of the material. The creative process married with the design of Eiermann’s and Ruf‘s legendary German pavillion at the EXPO 1956, where dozens of ›E10‹ were placed for everybody’s use. Similarly, the design of the rattan stool ›E14‹, concieved to be light, comfortable, easy to move and for use anywhere at home, inside or outside.

RICHARD LAMPERT: DESIGN ICONS AND CONTEMPORARY DESIGN In 1993, Richard Lampert founded his company, based in the German city of Stuttgart, with the aim of producing innovative and versatile furniture for everyday use.