DVO DV904-York Managerial line 05 DVO DV904-York Managerial line 01 DVO DV904-York Managerial line 02 DVO DV904-York Managerial line 03 DVO DV904-York Managerial line 04 DVO DV904-York Managerial line 06 DVO DV904-York Managerial line 07

The new YORK series is mainly characterized by its essential style that mixes panel leg desks with a modern twist, new details and finishes, in which the peculiar 45° joint between worktop and leg is enhanced by the colour of the edge banding, in contrast with the finish of the desk. Filing storage units and bookcases are special and innovative, especially thanks to the stunning sliding doors. Range of elements: desks with different shapes and sizes; typing tables and extensions; service units; pedestals; meeting tables; several accessories, wire management; storage units and bookcases with sliding doors. Materials: melamine, ABS, metal, aluminium, glass, zamak. Unique selling points: topical and recognizable design; simplicity and freedom of item aggregation; great value for price & performance; easy assembling; conceived to be integrated with all DVO series and unconditional use for any work place. Product recognition, functionality, flexibility and applied technology are the main advantages of the bookcases with sliding doors available in different types and sizes. Finishes: the material of the main elements (tables and bookcases) is melamine with ABS edging and all finishes are listed in the catalogue. The doors of storage units and bookcases are available in rear-lacquered glass or melamine finish.

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