DVO DV804-E-Place 06 DVO DV804-E-Place 01 DVO DV804-E-Place 01 DVO DV804-E-Place 02 DVO DV804-E-Place 02 DVO DV804-E-Place 03 DVO DV804-E-Place 03 DVO DV804-E-Place 04 DVO DV804-E-Place 05 DVO DV804-E-Place 06 DVO DV804-E-Place 07 DVO DV804-E-Place 08 DVO DV804-E-Place 08 DVO DV804-E-Place 08 DVO DV804-E-Place 09 DVO DV804-E-Place 10 DVO DV804-E-Place 10

New furnishing solutions for workstations. Versatile, fresh styled and functional, a range with an extremely easy assembly system.This series fully furnishes operative and executive spaces, in line with today’s work evolutions. Formal lightness and style are the main ingredients of an operational system characterized by tables with trestle legs in the new “bench” version. E-Place Operational line The new E-PLACE series is mainly characterized by the metal structure of the desks, and typically by the beams-rail system on which peculiar trestle legs are fitted in free position, as well as a range of accessories for the functionality of the workspace. Worktops have rounded corners. Range of elements: desks; extensions; bench tables for team-work and for multiple workstations; shaped tables; meeting tables with trestle leg or free-standing legs; corner elements; service units; pedestals; shaped modesty panel; fabric covered screen panels; wire management; accessories for different applications. Main materials: melamine, pressed steel, ABS, nylon, aluminium, fabric. Unique selling points: functionality and topical aesthetic of the new trestle leg in terminal and intermediate position, ease and speed installation, large modular configuration possibilities, wide range of accessories; sophisticated and functional wire management, big choice of colours. Finishes: metal structures in aluminium or white colour, worktops in all finishes listed in the catalogue.

DELLA VALENTINA OFFICE S.p.A. is one of the leading companies in the office furniture sector.